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Vitale is a Dance Pedagogue,  Choreographer & Artistic consultant for Skaters. She has been on skates since the age of 5, and began performing at the age of 17. Her passion for the art started the moment she stepped onto the ice, and is still alive more than two decades later.

This deep passion for the artistic aspect of Figure Skating, Vitale’s artistic goal is to blend Skating and Dance together, as well as search for new ways of expression and moving on the ice.

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Former show skater and later show producer; Vitale then studied Contemporary Ballet and Modern Dance intensively at the Atelier de Danse Contemporaine in Passau, Germany, where she was a founding company member of Compagnie de la Place Blanche. Moreover she studied Ballet and Graham Technique at both the Peridance Center and Broadway Dance Center in New York City, USA. She also graduated the Seneca intensive training program for Modern and Contemporary Dance in Berlin, Germany. Additionally, she graduated as a Master of Choreographic Technique from American Ice Theatre.

Passionate about offering alternatives to Skating as just a competitive sport, Vitale launched the first Ballet sur glace/Theater on Ice team in Germany, providing kids and teenagers a space to develop as dancers and artists on the ice. 

Deeply involved in the development of merging contemporary arts and skating together, she’s involved in Europe and worldwide and is an active artist in the contemporary skating community. She has developed her own teaching method based on her expertise in dance, theatre, and contemporary practices in Skating.   


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