Dance Pedagogue

Based on her studies of Contemporary Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary Dance in France, Germany, and New York City, Vitale developed her own teaching method targeting the development of creative and artistic skills bound to the technical skills Skaters require on the ice. Get in touch below.



Inspired by ballet and Martha Graham’s technique, Vitale studied intensively at the Atelier de Danse Contemporaine in Passau, Germany but also at Peridance Center and Broadway Dance Center in New York City and graduated the Seneca intensive training program for Modern and Contemporary Dance in Berlin. 



Merging genres and developing a targeted training on & off the ice for Skaters of all levels to enhance their artistic and movement qualities. Vitale applies Modern Dance and Ballet techniques as well as improvisation exercises to improve physical condition, dance technique, alignment, creativity and artistic self-confidence.



A better understanding of the body and artistry in motion but also alignment and coordination, with a focus on promoting self-esteem, self-efficacy, and positive self-image. Combined, she aims to help skaters discover, develop, and achieve their own personal artistic potential.

Dance together.