Choreography Training and Contemporary Practices Training for Skating

Vitale focuses on developing the unique style of each skater to bring them to a new level of artistry and allow them to be the artist they can be.

Incorporating a broad spectrum of dance, theater and movement techniques into her work with an individual approach based on Skating Skills, full body movements and physical conditioning, Vitale’s goal is to help skaters improve their body understanding, enhance their artistry and develop their own style. 

Bringing with her years of dance & theatre training, former show skater, long-time coaching and her expertise in contemporary practices for artistic skating and through a based on a unique method at the crossing of the genres, Vitale offers the skater a space to be himself, creative and develop as an artist as well as a technician.

The body allows a vibrant palette of movements. Vitale balances her work around the possibilities of the body and tries to go beyond what’s expected and create with each skater she works with something new, unique and personal.

Let’s work together!