From imagery to words; choreographed poetry inspired by real life and struggles. Vitale’s artistic path, skills and search for inspiration and artistic partnering took her travelling all around the globe.

Vitale’s goal is to integrate the ice and skating into contemporary art-forms such as dance, video, poetry as well as words, photo and sounds.

Deeply involved in the development of merging contemporary arts and skating together, she’s involved in Europe and worldwide and is an active artist into the contemporary skating community.

Her portfolio showcases various projects created throughout her career. You can see her contact information below and get in touch.

Battle of Contrasting Memories – II

The world exists as contrasts, there is light and there is shadow. It is about playing shadows, and making lines. Everything in existence has an inseparable and contradictory opposite. It is about contrasting relationships, limits and borders.

 Do we always know what side we are on, and where the other side begins? And… where is the line?

Weirdos in the bus

A comment on homelessness, poverty and loneliness inspired by travels on public transportation in California and Washington.

Deconstruction II

A Research in Movement and Form through the Medium of Ice. The follow up.


A Research into Movement and Form through the Medium of Ice.

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